What are we doing?

Preserving and increasing your savings is vitally important in modern society. Achieving financial freedom is not possible without proper investment of your funds. However, when performing this task, untrained investors face many difficulties that can have a painful impact on their well-being.

Atom Global Group LTD is a private international investment company that makes simple and profitable investments available to everyone. Our company has ready made investment products that match any investment strategy.

We operate from the financial and business capital of the world London. Our work is fully licensed and meets international standards in the field of investment law. You can independently check the registration of our company #125563212. Thanks to location in the UK and a huge network of specialists working remotely, we can easily operate in most countries of the world.

Why us

Our mission

Our main goal is to provide available and smart investments from $10 to every novice or experienced investor. Our company has been actively working in several of the most reliable investment areas for many years. As a result, our analysts were able to create medium and long term investment portfolios. Our approach to package investment allows us to successfully convert profits for our investors on pre-specified investment plans.

The key to the success of Atom Global Group LTD is moving forward. We are not resting on our laurels and are constantly improving their strategies and investment proposals. As a result, our operations are stable and profitable, regardless of global epidemics or political upheavals.

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Investment directions

  • IPO
  • OTC
  • ETF
  • U.S. stock market
  • Cryptocurrencies


An IPO is an initial public offering of companies' stocks. Any initial public offering is a important stage in the company's development and causes a huge stir in the market. When investing at the IPO stage, our Analytics Department selects "unicorns" companies that have a large capitalization, as well as work in an area that is very promising for future growth. Since each such company is a tasty morsel for any trader and investor, and the number of stocks placed is limited, there is no doubt that their price will increase during the trading process. Here are some examples of successful IPOs: PagerDuty – 75% of profit, Zoom – 130% of profit, Beyond Meat – 460% of profit, CrowdStrike – 65% of profit, InMode – 140% of profit.



One successful IPO can bring Atom Group Investment more than 30% of profit in just a few months. In total, we invested in 16 successful IPOs in 2019, and over the entire period of our active work, we earned about 1056% of the profit.


OTC is a market for off-exchange transactions. OTC allows for easy long-term venture investments in startups at an early stage of development. Entering an IPO is a long and expensive process. Therefore, most innovative companies need strong investors who are ready to provide financial and legal support to the company. We actively help a number of startups in exchange for a share in their company. As a result of the public offering of stocks on the stock exchange, we get much more profit than other early investors and traders. Making deals on OTC allows us to create an excellent "safety cushion" in the long term.



One successful transaction on OTC brings our company more than 200% of profit. At the same time, it is worth noting that the time of conducting such transactions is more than 12 months.


An ETF is a stock index compiled from stocks of companies in a particular industry or country. Ready – made ETFs on the market are not flexible for the investor and in case of a strong loss of value of one of the components of the ETF, the investor must sell the entire ETF. However, we found a way out! Atom Global Group LTD analysts create their own similarity of stock indexes from the stocks of the most promising companies. Since we have direct access to the securities included in our indexes, we have the ability to adjust the content of the index. For example, if we see that a company included in the index has systemic difficulties and will decline in value, then we can sell its securities, adjusting the yield of the entire index. We can also add new securities to our index at any time, increasing its value. As a result of proper risk management, our company can successfully and profitably manage its own ETF funds.



An ETF is a medium-term investment method for saving your capital. Thanks to our approach to creating ETFs, we have achieved higher annual returns compared to other ETFs on the market. Therefore, our ETFs allow you to earn more than 35% per year due to active reallocation of stocks.

U.S. stock market

In addition to creating our own stock indexes, we are actively engaged in trading on the U.S. stock market. It is the most popular, developed and regulated in the world. Therefore, it provides the maximum opportunities for profitable investments. Atom Global Group LTD traders have a wide range of ideas and strategies for organizing a successful trading process.

Our traders combine long and short positions based on multiplicative analysis of company statistics. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to successfully earn money on active stock trading.



The U.S. stock market is the largest in the world and allows you to earn more than 25% per month due to the competent work of our analysts and traders. This high return is due to a detailed analysis of the companies before buying its stocks.


Cryptocurrencies are one of the most risky, but at the same time profitable investment tools. The attractiveness of the cryptocurrency market is due to high volatility and considerable activity of traders.

Our company has developed a number of really working strategies for trading on the cryptocurrency market, which are perfect for transactions with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. We analyze not only the technical component of these trading pairs, but also the fundamental information that is important for making the right decisions.

As a result of using short stops and trading only on the spot market, our risks of losing investors' funds are minimal. However, due to the proper distribution of funds between transactions, we can successfully fix profits regardless of the current situation on the cryptocurrency market.



Cryptocurrencies allow you to earn from 40% profit per transaction. Our analysts are well versed in blockchain technology and clearly understand what methods of fundamental and technical analysis are suitable for digital currencies.

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Our commitment

Our company guarantees a good return in the long term, thanks to a competent and balanced strategy of our traders and analysts.

We strive to maximize the productivity and usefulness of all our platform's features and offerings. At the same time, Atom Global Group LTD constantly works to reduce operational and trading risks. Our analysts and traders actively improve their skills and adopt the positive experience of their colleagues.

Our approach to work has allowed us to create a modern information environment for profitable investments available to everyone. During our work, we have formed a corporate culture, the main goal of which is to provide profit to our clients based on professionalism and integrity.