Private investment planning is a complex and time-consuming process that requires a lot of knowledge and time. Due to the variety of financial instruments, investors around the world are increasingly turning to capital management investment funds. Atom Global Group LTD is a private investment company that offers investors around the world simple and smart investments starting from $10.

What do we do?

For many years, we have been developing several areas of investment with the highest return based on the ratio of profit to risk. Our team of analysts has formed medium-and long-term strategies for package investment. This approach allows us to successfully convert our clients’ profits based on pre-specified conditions.

What guarantees?

Atom Global Group LTD is an officially registered company in the United Kingdom under the number #12718446. You can check our registration yourself using this link. To provide enhanced investor security, we use GeoTrust’s EV SSL encryption Protocol, licensed software, and reliable servers.

What do we invest in?

  • IPO. As you know, an IPO is an initial public offering of shares, which causes a lot of interest in the market for the company that issues its shares. Thanks to the hype, shares can grow several times after the IPO stage. Here are some examples of successful IPOs: PagerDuty-75% of profit, Zoom-130% of profit, Beyond Meat-460% of profit, CrowdStrike-65% of profit, InMode-140% of profit. Our analysts successfully select IPOs for investment. As a result, in 2019, we invested in 16 IPOs and earned a total of 1056% of net profit.
  • OTC. You can also buy shares of promising companies in the long term at the pre-IPO stage. In this case, an OTC transaction is concluded between the company and our Fund. In exchange for a share in the company, we provide financial and legal advice on business development and its preparation for the IPO.
  • ETFs. Stock indexes are a classic tool for investing. However, the existing offers on the market are not flexible and convenient for investors. That is why our analysts have created a stock indexes are actively managed. This means that we can change the components of the index to adjust its current state in order to ensure the promised profit.
  • US stock market. The US stock market is the most developed, regulated and promising in the world. Active exchange trading is based on multiplicative analysis of companies, which allows our traders to carry out successful medium-term trading operations.
  • Cryptocurrency. Our company has developed a number of really working strategies for trading in the cryptocurrency market, which are ideal for transactions with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. We analyze not only the technical component of these trading pairs, but also the fundamental information that is important for making the right decisions. Thanks to the correct distribution of funds between transactions, we can successfully fix profits regardless of the current situation on the cryptocurrency market.

What investment conditions can private investors expect?

To meet the needs of private investors, our company has created five simple and clear investment packages with a minimum deposit of $10.

  • Crypto – 157.5% after 35 days. Accruals every calendar day for 4.5%. Principal is included in accruals.
  • Stocks – 137.5% after 25 days. Accruals every calendar day for 5.5%. Principal is included in accruals.
  • ETFs – 125.5% after 15 days. Accruals every calendar day for 1.7%. Principal return at the end of the term.
  • OTC – 115% after 10 days. Accruals every calendar day for 1.5%. Principal return at the end of the term.
  • IPO – 106% after 5 days. Accruals and principal return at the end of the term.

How to become an investor?

  • Step 1. Sign Up. Follow this link and fill out the registration form, specifying your email address, password, and wallet numbers.
  • Step 2. Log in to your personal account by clicking on the “Login” button. To log in, enter your username and password.
  • Step 3. Go to the “Create Deposit” section. Select an investment package, the deposit amount and the payment system for creating deposits.
  • Step 4. Check your account settings. Don’t forget to specify your wallet numbers.
  • Step 5. Output your profit in the “Withdraw”section.

Can I earn money by inviting friends?

We offer two partner program statuses: Normal and Advanced. As part of a regular affiliate program, you can expect a reward of 5% — 1% of your partners’ deposits. As part of the extended partner program, you can receive 7% — 2% — 1% of the turnover of your structure.

Thank you for your attention and successful investment!