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Atom Global Group LTD is an international investment company that invests in IPOs, OTC, ETFs, the US stock market and cryptocurrencies. Make your life beautiful!

Adding value to everything we do

The main aim of Atom Global Group LTD is to preserve and increase the funds of its investors. We develop our investment offers daily to make them the most relevant and profitable on the market. Thanks to a balanced investment strategy, our analysts can masterfully combine medium and high yield assets. As a result, we can safely say that our investment offer will be relevant at any time, regardless of the economic and political situation in the world.

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Financial freedom with us

We offer smart and available investments for everyone starting from $10. Depending on the direction of investment, you can choose any investment plans from the 5 offered packages. Each tariff plan has a different deposit period and types of accruals. If you invested independently through a brokerage company, your profit would be significantly less, and the amount of investment would be much higher. Our analysts and traders try their best for you!

Pricing package


after 35 days
Accruals every calendar day for 4.5% Principal is included in accruals Referral bonus from deposit Minimum deposit is $10
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Pricing package


after 25 days
Accruals every calendar day for 5.5% Principal is included in accruals Referral bonus from deposit Minimum deposit is $10
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Pricing package


after 15 days
Accruals every calendar day for 1.7% Principal return at the end of the term Referral bonus from deposit Minimum deposit is $10
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Pricing package


after 10 days
Accruals every calendar day for 1.5% Principal return at the end of the term Referral bonus from deposit Minimum deposit is $10
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Pricing package


after 5 days
Accruals at the end of the term Principal return at the end of the term Referral bonus from deposit Minimum deposit is $10
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Meet users' needs

Atom Global Group LTD's investment platform meets the needs of any investor. Each participant of our Fund has the right to choose their own investment direction based on their preferences in the interest rate. Investing is available using most popular payment systems, and withdrawals are fast and convenient.

Fortress of your profit

Our working based on the official software, which was checked by experts in the field of security. In addition, we have an EV SSL certificate from GeoTrust, as well as advanced protection against DDOS attacks. All personal data of investors is stored in encrypted form.

Integrity and transparency

Atom Global Group LTD is a completely legal company. We are registered in the UK jurisdiction under the number #125563212. At the same time, you can independently check the documents of our company using this link. Registration in the UK allows us to carry out international investment activities.

For everyone's confidence

The reliability of our company is confirmed by many satisfied customers around the world. Interaction with us is based on trust and guarantees provided by international standards in the field of investment. The investor can order payments or increase the amount of their investment at any time. The investor's identity is completely confidential.

We will help all investors

Not a single investor of our company will not be left without timely technical support in a difficult situation. You can contact any of our contacts at any time and get answers to your questions. Every investor of Atom Global Group LTD will be heard!

How's it work?

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Go to the «Sign Up» page and enter your username, email, password, and payment system numbers.


Creating a

Choose the investment plan you like and add funds to your personal account in any way convenient for you.

Gain profit

Withdraw of

Your profit will be credited to your personal account. After that, you can create a request to withdraw money to your wallet.

Safe, legal &


We are an officially registered company in the UK and operate in accordance with international investment legislation. Our investment offers fully meet the needs of investors, are transparent and backed by real investment activity. Ensuring a large profit is impossible without ensuring high security. This is why our company has one of the highest levels of EV SSL data encryption, as well as a DDOS protection system.

Atom Global Group LTD – Simple..

Atom Global Group LTD (GB) | https://atom.limited/

Uk Registered Company

Company number - 12718446

Registered office 10 St. Martin's Le Grand, London, England, EC1A 4EN

Be a leader for your partners

Earn up to 10% on attracting new investors to our company. We offer two partner program statuses: Normal and Advanced. Under the Normal affiliate program, you can expect a reward of 5% – 1% of your partners' deposits. Under the Advanced affiliate program, you can receive 7% – 2% – 1% of the turnover of your structure.

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Damian Douglas
Client from UK
The first time I saw the company's website in contextual advertising in a search engine, when I was looking for information about investing in IT – sector shares. I became interested in the information provided on the site and started looking for more detailed reviews on the web. After talking to support and making sure of the company's serious intentions, I registered my account and made my first deposit.
Emily Webster
Client from U.S.
I learned about Atom Global Group LTD from a my friend who already received his dividends from the work of fund analysts. After receiving his positive recommendations, I decided to invest part of my savings in the company and didn’t lose. I receive all payments in the shortest possible time and I am very happy with my profit.
Paul Elliott
Client from Germany
I got to the company's platform when I was surfing the pages of one of the investment forums. at the initial stage of investment, I decided to invest in the IPO package. Having successfully received my profit, I decided to pay attention to more profitable investment plans. So I distributed my funds between the «Crypto» and «Stocks» packages. At the moment, I regularly receive my dividends.